“Remember oUR Name” – University of Rochester


This is a video that the University of Rochester created to get people excited about their campus and what they have to offer. PS- check out the University of Rochester YouTube channel by clicking here! 

Food for thought: Wouldn’t a viral video be a great recruitment tool for your university? Think about it, future college students spend more and more time online. People share millions of videos via Twitter and Facebook everyday. Shouldn’t part of a university’s recruitment campaign take social media into consideration? It’s definitely more cost effective, and it’s “where the students are,” so to speak. If your video went viral (for a good reason), people would recognize your brand. This could push them to your website, and if your website is strong enough, you could encourage those people to visit your campus and eventually apply.

The key is creating a video that provides a good representation of your campus.

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  1. Reblogged this on corporateavenger and commented:
    I LOVE this type of stuff!
    You have to hand it to the University of Rochester for stepping beyond the typical corny collegiate theme song and tacky commercials about “how you’ll go far with an [fill in our college’s name here] education”. I love seeing institutions and companies who are in markets where the advertising has typically been dry, mundane, and rehearsed make a move like this video.
    It still has all of the necessary information, and it is still factual, but this will spread in a way that one of their typical advertisements will not.
    The fact that this was posted and seen by many, and then reblogged by me and watched by many more is a testament to how much more effective an ad of this nature is in comparison with the traditional approach.
    Thumbs up University of Rochester!

    • Agree! University of Rochester know’s what’s up. Traditional advertising doesn’t appeal to this audience anymore. You have to bring the information to them head on– and I think viral videos are the way to do it (for right now at least). Thanks for your comment and reblog!

    • Ha! University of Rochester is on their game! Call Me Maybe has been a hit video to recreate.

      I will say I liked the unique version of “Remember oUR Name” better as a recruitment tool– I liked that it was more school specific and really shared information about the university. Rocky the Yellowjacket is present though! Who wouldn’t crush on him/her/it??

      My one thought: Is this facilitated by the university itself, or just active, engaged students who create a video on their own time and then share it with the university?

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