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The future of TV?


Arrested Development, the highly anticipated series, will be live on Netflix in… 15ish minutes. (Kudos to Netflix for picking this up… this and House of Cards are really changing public perception– because everyone was so PISSED when they changed their plans and raised prices once upon a time.)

I could go on for DAYS about the hype they built for this release (I think I read and shared at least one Buzzfeed article A DAY for the last month about AD) but I think it’s a much larger topic on where our mainstream cable channels are going.

Do you think that soon all of our fan favorite shows will be available through instant streaming? Do you think that fans are going to crash the Netflix server tonight and tomorrow?  Can’t wait to see this make history!


#whatshouldwecallme… GIFS make life more fun


Can you believe I haven’t blogged in over 2 months! Let’s just say, I’ve been busy-busy-busy, enjoying my first big girl job. I’m swimming in press releases, media lists, health insurance, 401K, 40-hour work weeks, and general elation that I was lucky (and educated?) enough to land a full time gig. I love it. Life is unreal.

But… to get back on subject, let’s chat about .gifs.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, #whatshouldwecallme is one of the most popular Tumblr sites out there. As the NY Daily News says, “…if you’re a student (in college or in graduate school) or an office drone you’ve doubtless already spent hours browsing its pages as a procrastination tool.”

The Tumblr site relies on .gif images to emotions and situations that most can find relatable. In fact, here’s a post from a few days ago…


Believe it or not, according to Forbes this site was actually an inside joke created between two law students that lived on opposite coasts. When venting to each other about the woes of their lives, they used images to convey their emotions. They created a tumblr as an inside joke that they now share with millions of people daily.

After the birth of #whatshouldwecallme, hundreds- if not thousands- of parody sites sprung up. Don’t even get me started on the importance of going first (thanks Seth Godin!)… but the cool thing about these parodies is that they are really targeted for specific industries or interests– some “industry inside jokes” that those who aren’t familiar with the subject wouldn’t understand. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Admissions Problems— This site is targeted to recruiters, admissions counselors, and those involved in student affairs at the college level. My days as a tour guide and working in the admissions office make my giggle when I read these.  (Lately, this one has quite a few negative responses from readers who feel that students are being violated by this information being shared. However, they never disclose school or student names in any of the posts.)
  • This Advertising Life— If you’ve ever worked in an agency, this is your life story. I am guilty of checking this one daily, because they describe interactions with clients and coworkers that I could see/have seen happen.
  • 99 Problems But A Pitch Ain’t One— This one is for PR professionals, especially those who work directly with clients and the media. I have to admit, this one is resonating with me so much more that I’m in an agency.

My thoughts are… why aren’t businesses utilizing these more often as a marketing tool on purpose? This is an opportunity for your brand to build an emotion. Just picture, a cute baby laughing, a puppy snuggling a kitten, {insert cute gif idea here} and a caption… “The first time I _______” (the _______ relating to your brand in a positive light.) This can also work conversely, with a sad face and the caption reading “When I was out of ______ (______ being your product), etc. A quick google search shows me no brands that are proactively using this technique. Have you heard of any brands that do this?

Well, now you’ll have hours of procrastination material. Do you have any favorite .gif sites similar to #whatshouldwecallme? Do share in the comments!

If you’re going to tell them, make them remember


Obviously, The Hunger Games is a gigantic movie franchise that nearly everyone has heard about. And right now, I’m obsessed with their Marketing Strategist. They really brought people on board for this movie, attracting the attention of those who haven’t had a chance to jump in to the book series, and connecting with fans who are already engaged in the trilogy.

Here’s one of my favorite things they did to promote the movie (not that they really needed any promotion):

This was sent to many entertainment journalists and bloggers on Valentines Day 2012, including Adam B. Vary at Entertainment Weekly. In case you can’t read the card, here’s what it says:

From all of us here in the Capitol,
I would like to wish you
a happy Valentine’s Day
and a happy Hunger Games.

I’ll see you on March 23rd.

President Coriolanus Snow

Adam explains it best: “If you’ve not read all three of Suzanne Collins books about reluctant heroine Katniss Everdeen, this white rose is likely not much worse than a vaguely ominous gift. For those who have read the books, however — especially the last one, Mockingjay – this is maybe the creepiest (and most effective) promotion possible for The Hunger Games.”

This is an incredible PR tactic in a world where press kits are sent electronically, or not sent at all. This really drives home the point for me: If you are going to share something with the media, you need to make it stand out. Make them remember why they’re sharing your story.


Too Funny! How to explain Marketing/ Advertising/ and PR to people who don’t understand!

If I knew all the words

I’ve never really understood how people have a hard time deciphering what Public Relations Professionals do, What we do is in our title. We build relationships with the public in simple terms. It’s not just PR professional marketing and branding seem to interchange with both PR and Advertising. These cartoons below help to describe what Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Branding actually are.




picture6A lot of the time PR people use branding behind their methods, and call on advertisers to relay that brand message. Marketers are used in every aspect of PR, AD and Branding. They all may stand alone, but when used together they can expand the message being relayed to the audience.

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“Remember oUR Name” – University of Rochester


This is a video that the University of Rochester created to get people excited about their campus and what they have to offer. PS- check out the University of Rochester YouTube channel by clicking here! 

Food for thought: Wouldn’t a viral video be a great recruitment tool for your university? Think about it, future college students spend more and more time online. People share millions of videos via Twitter and Facebook everyday. Shouldn’t part of a university’s recruitment campaign take social media into consideration? It’s definitely more cost effective, and it’s “where the students are,” so to speak. If your video went viral (for a good reason), people would recognize your brand. This could push them to your website, and if your website is strong enough, you could encourage those people to visit your campus and eventually apply.

The key is creating a video that provides a good representation of your campus.