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If you’re going to tell them, make them remember


Obviously, The Hunger Games is a gigantic movie franchise that nearly everyone has heard about. And right now, I’m obsessed with their Marketing Strategist. They really brought people on board for this movie, attracting the attention of those who haven’t had a chance to jump in to the book series, and connecting with fans who are already engaged in the trilogy.

Here’s one of my favorite things they did to promote the movie (not that they really needed any promotion):

This was sent to many entertainment journalists and bloggers on Valentines Day 2012, including Adam B. Vary at Entertainment Weekly. In case you can’t read the card, here’s what it says:

From all of us here in the Capitol,
I would like to wish you
a happy Valentine’s Day
and a happy Hunger Games.

I’ll see you on March 23rd.

President Coriolanus Snow

Adam explains it best: “If you’ve not read all three of Suzanne Collins books about reluctant heroine Katniss Everdeen, this white rose is likely not much worse than a vaguely ominous gift. For those who have read the books, however — especially the last one, Mockingjay – this is maybe the creepiest (and most effective) promotion possible for The Hunger Games.”

This is an incredible PR tactic in a world where press kits are sent electronically, or not sent at all. This really drives home the point for me: If you are going to share something with the media, you need to make it stand out. Make them remember why they’re sharing your story.