Hunger Games Propaganda Advertising


Hunger Games Propaganda Advertising

Look at this fan created propaganda advertising for The Hunger Games. Doesn’t it look like something you’d see in District 12?

*If you haven’t read the book, do it! Also, let me explain what the Tesserae is. Basically, children between the ages of 12 to 18 (those eligible to participate in the Hunger Games) can have their name added additional times to the reaping, (once per family member) if their family is struggling for food.

Fan artwork for movie franchises like these are impressive. I hope that the franchises are utilizing this!

“Remember oUR Name” – University of Rochester


This is a video that the University of Rochester created to get people excited about their campus and what they have to offer. PS- check out the University of Rochester YouTube channel by clicking here! 

Food for thought: Wouldn’t a viral video be a great recruitment tool for your university? Think about it, future college students spend more and more time online. People share millions of videos via Twitter and Facebook everyday. Shouldn’t part of a university’s recruitment campaign take social media into consideration? It’s definitely more cost effective, and it’s “where the students are,” so to speak. If your video went viral (for a good reason), people would recognize your brand. This could push them to your website, and if your website is strong enough, you could encourage those people to visit your campus and eventually apply.

The key is creating a video that provides a good representation of your campus.

My First Blog Post (Sorta…)


Well Hello there!

Welcome to a new piece of history… my very first WordPress Post! However, don’t get too excited, because this is not my first blog post. In fact, you can read my old blog posts here: Embarrassing, I know.

AND, before that, I will admit I had a xanga. Cheesy, I know. Luckily, that one has been deleted… Can’t imagine the types of things I posted as an angsty 8th grader.

This blog will be Marketing/Advertising/ Public Relations related, as I am a new graduate who is genuinely interested in my career path.

I can’t wait to explore and make this blog fun!

Catch ya on the flip side,