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Why 30 is NOT the new 20 by Meg Jay


This is my new favorite book and TED talk lately.

Meg Jay is a really great speaker, so you need to watch this ASAP. I can’t do it justice, but let me pull out a great quote to entice you to give up 15 minutes and watch…

We know that the brain caps off its second and last growth spurt in your 20s as it rewires itself for adulthood, which means that whatever it is you want to change about yourself, now is the time to change it. We know that personality changes more during your 20s than at any other time in life. So your 20s are the time to educate yourself about your body and your options. But this isn’t what twentysomethings are hearing. Newspapers talk about the changing timetable of adulthood. Researchers call the 20s an extended adolescence. As a culture, we have trivialized what is actually the defining decade of adulthood.